Fereshta Hossaini; Afghan actor of Iranian cinema

Fereshta Hossaini was born on 6th of Thor / ordibehesht in Tehran in a large Afghan family and has six sisters and one brother. As a child, Hosseini had a hard life and had to work late in the tailoring business to cover his school fees.

Hosseini is one of the graduates of Asghar Mohebi, Mahtab Nasirpour and Mohammad Rahmanian. Her artistic activities started in 2005 when she was 9 years old, and due to the strictness of her family, these activities started from the theater. In addition to theater, she also acted in films and documentaries.

For the first time, she went in front of the camera to act in the documentary film “I am a happy actor” directed by Samira Rezaei in 2014.
Also, the year after playing in the movie ” To Go”, directed by Navid Mahmoudi, she won the best actress award at the Marrakesh International Film Festival.

Hosseini was nominated for the Hafez Award for the best female drama actress for her role in the series “Frog” (2013). Homan Seyedi, the creator of this series, decided to withdraw from the competition of this series and its actors in the Hafez festival.

Hosseini was nominated for Simorgh Crystal for Best Supporting Actress at Fajr Film Festival for her performance in the “category of girls” (2021), but in the end she received an honorary diploma.

In Thor / May 2021, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Hosseini’s co-star in “Qorbaghe”, announced their relationship by publishing a post about his birthday on Instagram. These two confirmed their marriage in Cancer / July 2021.


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