The cinema Practical skills workshop is held

the cinema Practical skills workshop was held on Monday (27 Thor) in the cultural artistic company of Nama rasana.
the boss of the Namarasana Seyed Mohammad Taghi Heidari has gave a speech in the opening ceremony which was held by 150 collegians. he said ,our most important duty is to narrate for history and the civilization.

He also mentioned the importance of cinema in Afghanistan by saying, no one can impact on the society as much as Cinema agents can do it.

Heydari considered having a professional and specialized view of cinema is a vital and necessary thing for Afghan culture and said: “We need expertise.” We must respond positively to this need.”

as Haidari said, Inattention to professional cinema and being repetitive is one of the major problems.

The director Ghorban Mirzaei stated the difficulties of today’s cinema in current situation as the main challenge to Afghanistan and said: “The Namarasana company has been able to face problems and continue its activities as a lively cinema during this previous 20 years.

Saddam Delaware the director of Arghavan and the Golchehre emphasized on obligation of cinema staff by referring to related difficulties.

Noragha Ehsani the mentor of this workshop , while explaining the program , emphasized the scientific aspect of cinema education and called the cinema a field of action.

it’s better to know this is one of the many workshops that Nama rasana has held for young cinematographers.
Nama rasana has created tens of cinematic arts.