And there is God above” series

And there is God above” is the newest TV series of Namarasana cultural and artistic company in Kabul.
This series with the participation of famous and experienced Afghan artists was produced in Kabul in 2023, in 28 episodes of 40 minutes and was uploaded on Namarasana YouTube channel from April 9th of 2024.

the summary
Ahmad arrives in Kabul from an Afghan province and is employed as a servant in the Malik’s house.
The Malik tries Ahmed many times with money and valuables, and after finding the money and things, Ahmad returns them to the Malik. Malik’s son, Salim, who suffers from addiction and is bankrupt in his business, is upset with Ahmed’s presence and also he wants to steal his father’s money by the help of his friends.
Salim’s friends come to rob, but Ahmed prevents him and gets shot, Malik takes Ahmed to the hospital and Ahmed recovers.

Razia, Malik’s young daughter, has problems in her study and asks her father to find a private tutor for her, but her father cannot find that person , so Razia begs her classmate to help her, but her classmate does not agree. After seeing Razia’s pleas to her classmate, Ahmed decides to help Razia in her studies. With the help of Ahmad Razia, gets good grades in her lessons.

The Malik, who is unhappy with the company’s accountant and knows that the accountant steals from the company’s accounts, decides to change Ahmed’s job and take him to the company. After examining the accounts, Ahmed realizes that the accountant has stolen a significant amount, the Malik fires the accountant up, and Ahmed takes over the accounting duties.

With Ahmed being in Malik’s company, his mind is relieved, he goes on short and long-term trips to see his friends, one of whom is Mushtaq.
Malik’s wife asks Ahmed to talk to Salim and find out if he is interested in Mushtaq’s daughter, or if they propose to Mushtaq’s daughter for him.
Ahmad enters Salim’s room with the intention of talking, but Salim, under the influence of drugs, becomes aggressive with Ahmad and tells Ahmad about his unhealthy friends, addiction and indebtedness, and he is proud of them.
Razia sees the conversation between Ahmad and Salim and realizes that Salim’s robbery that night has paved the way for them to enter the house.

Salim, who is under a lot of pressure from his creditors, tries to reach his father’s wealth as soon as possible, so with the help of his friends, he hatches a conspiracy for Ahmed and provokes Malik to introduce Ahmed to the police station. Malik introduces Ahmed to the police.
Razia, who has seen Ahmed’s sacrifices during the time, has become a close hearted to Ahmad and tries to make his father understand that Ahmad is innocent, but his father does not accept Razia’s words.

One of Salim’s creditors, who is an acquaintance of Malik, comes to Malik and tells Malik about Salim’s going astray and asks Malik to investigate the matter himself, and Malik pursues Salim and realizes that he was deceived by Salim’s intrigues. and Salim is so addicted to drugs that he has destroyed all his capital in this way and he realizes that Salim decides to get rid of his father in order to get his property.
Malik realizes Ahmad’s innocence and he is released. Malik blames Salim and tells him that he knows Salim’s decisions, and Salim leaves the house in shame.
Malik asks for Ahmad’s forgiveness and makes Razia marry Ahmad.

Main actors:

Masihullah Ahmadzai

Seyed Saber Hashemi

Afrasiab Arabzadeh

Diana Sadat

Hajar Mandagar

Fereshteh Soleimani

Sahar Karimi

and other agents of production:
Producer: Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Heydari
Writer and director: Ghorban Mirzaei
Production manager: Seyed Reza Ehsani
Stage secretary: Setayesh Atai – Naqibullah Akbarzadeh
Cinematographers: Kazem Reyhan – Mohammad Omar Formuli
Assistant photographer: Amir Hossein Nabawi

Sound engineer: Milad Mehrad
Sound assistants: Hadi Salehi – Seyed Mansour Hashemi
Lighting: Khadem Ghasemi
Lighting assistants: Seyed Mohammad Rezaei – Jafar Behzad
Make-up: Setayesh Atai – Simagol Abbasi
Makeup assistants: Zahra Malekzadeh – Haseebullah Valizadeh
Technical manager: Seyyed Sultan Reza Hashempour
Stage designer: Homayoun Shafaei
Stage assistant: Abdul Towab Zia
Costume manager: Nooriya Najafi
Editor: Mojtaba Gholami
Editing assistant: Seyyed Mohammad Hadi Hashemi
Title: Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Hassani
Logotype and poster designer: Seyed Abbas Hosseini
Music: Irfan Ghasemi
logistics: Seyyed Ruhollah Fazli – Masoume Talai
Financial affairs: Seyyed Mohammad Amin Miranpour
Administrative affairs: Fatemeh Hashemi