Gul chehra series

Gul chehra, is the newest TV series of the cultural artistic company of Namarasana in Kabul.
this series is made by the popular, artists of Afghanistan in 1400_1401

the Gul chehra series by the director Sad’am Delavar and the producer Mohammad Taqi Haidari is a family drama in 56 episodes and each episode is about 20 minutes. these series are available on the youtube

the somery of Gul chehra
Gul chehra is telling the story of Omid and Gul chehra wich are in their spring ages and trying to make a family, but they’re surrounded by their family’s selfish expectations.
Omid and the Gul chehra are examples of young people who are victims of baseless traditions and false beliefs of people around them and their fate leads to separation.

main actors

Sabereh Sadat
Hareth Parvanah
Laila Hamdard
Shoukofeh Barkazi
Rahman Rahyab
Setayesh Sakhi

production group
producer: seyed Muhammad Taqi Haidari
written by Roknodin Sarvari
directed by: sad’am Delavar
director assistant: Seyed Noragha Ehsani
production manager: Seyed Reza Ehsani
stage secretary: Setayesh Ataee_ Mahdi Ahmadyar
camera manager: Seyed Noragha Ehsani
cameraman: Kazem Reihan
camera assistant: Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
backstage cameraman: Hadi Hashemi
Sound recordist:Hadi Salehi_ Masood Doost
sound assistant: Seyed Sajad Sharifi
lighting fixture: Taregh Mogharabi
lighting assistant: Soltan Shahpoori
makeup: Setayesh Ataee_ Arman Jafari
stage designer: Mohammad Taghi Heidari_ Seyed Reza Ehsani
stage assistant: Seyed Asef Hashemi
dress designer: Haajar Mandegar
editor : Seyed Noragha Ehsani
logo and Graphic Designer: Seyed Abbas Hosaini
logistics: Seyed Rohallah Fazeli
financial department: Seyed Mohammad Amin Miranpoor
Administrative Affairs: Fatemeh Hashemi
security: Seyed Mohammad Rezaee _ Seyed Ahmad Amiri