Sorkh Saali series

Sorkh Sali (2020) 1399 is another production of the cultural artistic company of Nama rasana.

the series of Sorkh sali is produced by the best artists of Afghanistan in (2020) fall and winter. it’s 48 episodes in 30 minutes.

the summary
Sorkh sali is telling the story of love and the combat of a young man named Nooragha in last years of 56(1977)in Kabul.
he is going to marry his cousin but he unwanted gets stuck in political and fateful developments. he loses his parents and between saving his own life and the combat he chooses the fight to save the people.
he starts to be active in Mobilization of people groups and at last the people revelation happens on Tir 2end, which is famous in Afghanistan current history. the name of this revelation is Chanaval.

this period of time is chosen to remind us the importance of that dangerous days and brave people who stood in the way of preserving their beliefs and ideals and their homeland by all of their existence.
unfortunately this Honorable history is forgotten in the political happens and internal wars of the following years
after that the tribunes and media which are mostly western used the atmosphere to Make people pessimistic about the Afghanistan
and it affected specially on young generation, who don’t know much about that time.
this commercials continued as long as the resistance and sacrifice changed to seeking power and selfishness.
so we needed an attractive product to show the truth. if you analyse this series in this way you would realize it is the first production in such subject around the Afghanistan
Serialization in the difficult conditions of security and necessary infrastructure in Afghanistan multiplies the work of art, so the pre-production and production plan took more than the usual time in similar works and was accompanied by its own challenges.
The selection of suitable actors for the roles was done after many meetings among the artists inside Afghanistan.
The recording of the series directed by Ghorban Mirzaei took about seven months from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021.


producer: seyed Muhammad Taghi Haidari
written by Ahmad Modaghegh
Screenplay consultant: Ghorban Mirzaei
directed by: Ghorban Mirzaei
director assistant: Saddam Delaware
production manager: Seyed Saber Hashemi
stage secretary: Bashir Setayeshpoor
cameramen: Abbas Hassani, Kazem Reihan, Mohammad Mohammadi, Aref Takvin
backstage cameraman: Seyed Nooragha Ehsani
Sound and music: Seyed Erfan Ghasemi
programmer: Noorie Amiri
sound recordist: Obaidollah Mohmend
sound assistant: Firooze
lighting fixture: Khalil Sarvari
lighting assistant:
makeup: Arman Jaffari, Fateme Tofighi
decor designer: Professor Akbar Salaam
decoration: Seyed Mostafa Hashemi
location manager: Homayon Shafaee
stage assistant:
dress designer: Noorie Amiri
editor :Ruhollah Molavi , Sadegh Mashhadi
Graphic Designer: Seyed Abbas Hosseini
technical manager: Seyed Reza Ehsani
logistics: Seyed Ruhollah Fazeli, Marzie Jaffari
financial department: Seyed Mohammad Amin Miranpoor
Basic rough cut: Mahdi Ahmadyar