Shahrbano series

series name: Sahrbano
genre: Crime Melo Drama
made in Afghanistan
Language: Farsi – Dari
24 episodes
each episode is: 30 minutes
Construction duration: 2016 to 2017 , during 8 months
produced by : the cultural artistic company of Namarasana
written and directed by: qorban Mirzaee

the TV series “Shahrbano” is the first TV production in Afghanistan which is made by the Private sector.
any dramatic product should have a fabulous, great story. Shahrbano series, is that kind of series which has a great, alive story of Afghan’s social life, in this case we can count on this series as one of the bests.
Shahrbano is telling the harm in today’s Afghanistan society by showing two kinds of families which one of them is poor and the other one is rich. this series is trying to increase society knowledge specially women about their social, Citizenship rights.
that’s why this series (Shahrbano) is different and popular.